Thursday, November 17, 2011

c'est arrivé!

Today, the third Thursday in November, we welcomed the arrival of Beaujolais nouveau with un poulet rôti, des frites, and a chilled bottle of this year's "bo-jo".
Beaujolais nouveau stands out because it is such a young wine, bottled and sold only a few weeks after the fermentation process has begun.  Across France and among oenophiles worldwide, this wine is greeted with banners and one-minute-after-midnight tastings.  Reviews are mixed among the French; critics cannot get past its youth, but it seems that its devotees believe a comeback is brewing (or fermenting, so to speak).
I liked what we tasted tonight.  Though its initial introduction is a bit astringent, I found the taste grew more rounded.  And it was a perfect accompaniment to our easy, tasty meal on this chilly autumn evening.

Bienvenue, bo-jo.

And as a side note, is there anything better than a rotisserie chicken?  Moist, flavorful, topped with a juicy skin-- not to mention incredibly convenient after a long day at work.  Paired with some Trader Joe's oven fries and a salad, it might just be the perfect dinner.  At least I think so.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

oh, how the light has changed.

Autumn is a season of changing light.
The light of the early morning is the perfect place to enjoy that first cup of tea, though the air is still cool and bed beckons.
There are delicious long runs on Sunday afternoons, each one a race to beat the dying day.  An end to the weekend that leaves me juxtaposed between flushed cheeks and skin that is cool to the touch.

Darkness falls earlier in the city these days.  The shadows of buildings and skyscrapers lengthen and meet the setting sun, the warmth of the light fades, and a chill moves in.

This is my favorite season.  I guess I've always loved change.