Friday, September 25, 2009

trader joe's!

Today is a very exciting day here in my house. Trader Joe's, my favorite grocery store, is opening just over the Delaware River near Princeton! Granted, it's going to be very busy there today, but now we've got Trader Joe's just fifteen minutes away and I couldn't be happier. Since mum is going overseas for two weeks soon, the store opening is the perfect opportunity to stock up on yummy TJ's specialties before she leaves. I'll be looking out for chocolate-covered raisins, a nice crusty baguette, low-fat string cheese, maybe some meatless breakfast sausage, and their delicious easy Asian noodle bowls & vegetarian Indian dishes... well, to be honest, I'll have to probably restrain myself from running wild.

In college, my roommates and I loved shopping every week at Trader Joe's, so I'm sure visiting this store will remind me of them and our exasperation that we never ever won the raffle they offer when you shop using your own reusable bags. Maybe today will be my lucky day!

And here's a hilarious YouTube video that perfectly sums up the TJ's experience. I can't wait!!


  1. The Princeton opening was a big fail. I am glad I did not go there to pickup lunch as I originally planned. I are my lunch and then went to the new store. Checkout lines were 20 minutes or more. They ran out of shopping carts and baskets. They sell NO wine!
    I took a friend from work who had never been to a TJ and his question was “What’t the big deal?”. With the Wholefoods on the other side of Route 1 and Wegman’s just down the street he may have a point.
    No WINE???!!!! I guess I’ll have to ask my other co-worker to stop at Westfield on his way down from Morristown.

  2. Loved the clip from you tube!! It made me laugh!! Cant wait to visit that store on my next visit. love Pops xx