Friday, October 30, 2009

driven to distraction.

I'm notorious for getting distracted. Whether it was procrastination during my years as a student, or an inability to watch just one thing on television, it's always hard for me to stick to a task with blinders on.
Some of the worst incidences of this distraction come when I'm trying to clean my room. It may be just a simple picking up of clothes on my floor, but then I spy a photo album on my shelf and get sucked into hours of reminiscing and reflection. When the clean-up job is something bigger, like today's attempt to organize my closet, I'm a lost cause.

So here are two items sitting on my desk that I thought worthy of sharing! Take that, closet.

The first is a gorgeous set of notecards & envelopes that I got from the woman I babysit for. They're handmade and I love the string closure on the notecards! There's a website advertised on the packaging ( but it doesn't seem to lead anywhere.
(Edit: You can see more handmade stationary at the designer's blog -- -- thanks Kim!)

And secondly, these are the contents of a square envelope I found waiting for me when I got home on Wednesday. One of my South Africa roommates, Becca, had been thoughtful enough to send me a mix CD with songs that reminded her of our imminent year together, as well as a lovely card and a gorgeous stone pendant. The pendant was given to her by a man at a Peace festival in San Francisco, and has a design on the front, and the Zulu word for peace, ukutula, on the back. I'm in love with it, and thread it onto brown string as soon as I pulled it out of the envelope. Wearing it was a good reminder all day yesterday of my upcoming adventures. Two months to go...

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