Tuesday, January 5, 2010

time to make moves.

My floor is covered with books and photographs and clothes, in my meek attempt to pack some of my life into two suitcases to take with me to South Africa.  The hardest part is deciding what to bring besides clothes.  Every year, moving back to Villanova, I'd bring a crate of books with me-- not to read, you understand, but sort of as a comfort item.  On a trip thousands of miles away, it seems that a crate of books is not the most practical of ideas.  I need to bring photos, but which ones?  Will they get damaged if they're not in frames?  Exactly how much makeup am I going to need for an entire year?

It's been important to sit back and take a moment or two to remember my purpose in going to volunteer.  I'm not going on vacation; I'm going to work and be a part of some small means of assistance to people who have never had to pick which makeup to pack, or which five pairs of shoes to bring.
I'll probably only wear flip-flops anyway.

And so, amid this packing and preparing and phonecalls to the bank, I'm signing off from Sinéad Freshly-Squeezed for a while, mostly because I've created a new blog to chart my experiences in South Africa.  It's called dispatches from KZN (title inspired by McSweeney's)  (and f.y.i. KZN means KwaZulu Natal).  Though I plan on checking in here once in a while, I was in need of a specific place to keep my family and friends up-to-date on my adventures.  Both blogs link to each other in the side panels, so if you need some orienting, there it is.

Peace out, blog world.  See you in South Africa!


  1. girl, the only makeup you need is sunscreen.

  2. Shin, you are beautiful anyway, you dont need that stuff!! Wishing you all the very best in your new experience and I am sure you will do great. We are all in you extended family very proud of you and you make us prouder with every step you take to make your future and the world a better place!! Paula xx

  3. Farewell SFS! Best of luck with your trip preparations & arrival in South Africa.