Wednesday, February 9, 2011

hyperlinked apologies, or the best email i've gotten in a long time.

My 24th birthday is swiftly approaching, so I invited a few friends to celebrate with me in New York for a variety of activities, included, but not limited to: improv comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade, burgers at Trailer Park Lounge, and jukebox partying at The Library.  My friend Jackie can't come, but she completely made up for it by sending me this hilarious email (if any of the links don't work, blame Mark Zuckerberg):

Hey Shin

I'm super sorry but I can't make it down to the city this weekend! School is just crazy, shocking, I know. Anyways I'm pretty bummed because (aside from seeing your shining face) I've recently been getting into Parks & Recreation which makes me think of UCB bc of Amy Poehler. I was actually just trying to explain it to someone. Which sketches are the ones that you would always watch? I want to show them to everyone and/or watch them at 7:30 pm on Saturday so we can be doing the same thing...I'm such a hopeless romantic! <3

mmmmk well I'm sorry again that I can't make it. I guess you can have a "Lovers Concerto" with someone else at the Trailer Park Lounge. Tell me what the special surprise is...I'm really curious.

xoxo    :-*   lylas    ;-)    


If being a fancy lawyer doesn't work out, perhaps crafting hyperlinked emails could be a valid career choice...


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