Sunday, March 27, 2011

a day at the museum.

Back at the end of February, just before I started my new job in Brooklyn, I spent a day running around my beloved Philadelphia with Kevin.  It was a beautiful early spring day, and a fitting "farewell" to the city of brotherly love.

We had some Robsons beers that I'd smuggled home from Durban to go with our giant plates of brunch at Sabrina's.  We walked up the Parkway to the Art Museum where we got given the red member badges, for the sole purpose, the girl at the counter told us, of making us feel superior.  We saw armor that seemed to be made to transform horses into unicorns, lots of modern art installations, and scoffed at tourists running up and down the museum steps (I guess the red badges worked).

It was a very nice day.

All photos taking with the iPhone, some with the App.


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