Wednesday, November 4, 2009

feeling feisty.

I've loved Broken Social Scene for a long time now, and even got a chance to see them perform in Paris (for free!) when my friend Wil came to visit me during my semester abroad. When I first heard about Feist, a solo project from one of the band's many members, I was a little hesitant in liking "1 2 3 4", her first release from the album The Reminder. But as time went on, the song, and then the entire album, grew on me and I really began to fall in love with her music.

And now, having collected older albums and releases, I have to say that I'm a bit of a Feist fiend. I just can't get enough!

It doesn't hurt that this girl, Leslie Feist, has a really cool name, but she's also cute as a button and I'm not ashamed to say I've got a bit of a girl crush. She's got great style, I love those bangs, and she even pulled off a royal blue sequined jumpsuit for the video for "1 2 3 4" (which I can't put on my blog, but check it out on YouTube!)

Feist has spent lots of time in Paris, and even recorded one of her albums there. Below is a video for "Gatekeeper", from the album Let It Die.

I've just always loved Feist at this time of year.

Photos courtesy of Lizzyville & AmieStreet


  1. you are like my music soulmate. i too love broken social scene and feist, but i didn't realize the connection until i read this. you rock. thanks for enlightening me.